Introduction to Islam for Christians

  • A simple introduction to Islam for Christians.
  • What is Islam? Who are Muslims? Who is Allah?
  • Who do Muslims worship (Aalaha/Aalah/Elohem), God’s Name in Aramaic
  • Who is Muhammad? What is Quran ?
  • Does Quran confirms previous scriptures, like Torah and Gospels in Bible ?
  • What is Hadith and Sunnah of Muhammad ?
  • What do Muslims believe about Jesus ?
  • What do Muslims believe about Mary, Mother of Christ?
  • Beliefs Muslims do not share with Christians.
  • Muslims do not believe Jesus to be son of God.
  • Ordinal sin and Salvation
  • Atonement, The Lamb and the Crucifixion.
  • Muslims do not believed Jesus to be God.
  • What do Muslims believe about Trinity?
  • Truth will set you free.

(Ale-hum us-salam)

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